The Beach Wallet™ - Waterproof Phone Protector and Wallet in One!

  • Talk, Text and Take a Pic
  • Water, Moisture, Sand Resistant

The Beach Wallet Smart Phone and iPhone Protector

Talk, Text and Even Take a picture while protecting your smart phone or iPhone with The Beach Wallet™.

Our waterproof  beach wallet with inside pockets protects your smart phone from water, perspiration, sand, dirt and other mishaps.

Our beach wallet allows complete use of your phone while in protective wallet.

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The Beach Wallet Smart Phone Protector

The Beach Wallet™  features a center pocket for electronic car keys  and other small valuables. It also includes a separate pocket to protect credit cards, drivers license, business cards and cash.

Protects most phone sizes from iPhones, Droid, any smart phone the size of the Samsung Galaxy® or smaller.

The Beach Wallet™  is waterproof, moisture and sand resistant for your active lifestyle.

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